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Trader Joe's Doubles Down on Nashville

Trader Joe's Doubles Down on Nashville

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

The Athens of the South is about to see a heavier Trader Joe's presence, as the California retailer sets its sights on a second location in the central Tennessee metropolis. According to the Nashville Business Journal, Trader Joe's is planning to lease space at the Lion's Head Village shopping center in West Nashville.

Kenya Friend-Daniel, National Director, Public Relations, Trader Joe'“I can tell you we're interested in the location, and therefore we're taking the appropriate steps to bring a store to that area,” National Director, Public Relations, Kenya Friend-Daniel told the Journal.

Friend-Daniel further characterized the project as “in the initial stages,” but the company has reportedly already filed for an alcohol permit for a retail location at 90 White Bridge Pike, Nashville, TN, 37205.

As of now, Trader Joe’s has a single location in the Nashville neighborhood of Green Hills, but the new store location could put the retailer in position to capitalize on shoppers in West Nashville and affluent Belle Meade—where both Kroger and Publix have stores within a mile’s radius.

Trader Joe's is planning to lease space in West Nashville and has its sights on a second location in central Tennessee

Nashville’s Metro’s Beer Permit Board has yet to approve Trader Joe's permit, but it seems only a matter of time before Trader's Joe popular small format will come to West Nashville.

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