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Trader Joe's Launches Nationwide Expansion With Four New Stores

Trader Joe's Launches Nationwide Expansion With Four New Stores

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Our industry loves some good Trader Joe’s news, though the retailer’s reports are often few and far between. The organic grocer recently blessed the newswire with its highly-anticipated news, this time revealing multiple store openings.

According to company releases, the retailer is opening new stores in Milpitas, California; Fort Wayne, Texas; Richmond, Virginia; and Freehold, New Jersey—taking the most recent phase of growth from the U.S. West to the East Coast.

Trader Joe's recently announced multiple new store openings in four competitive markets

As Trader Joe’s opens stores in hot (i.e. competitive) markets, it is also doubling down on investing in plant-based partners like Impossible Foods and revealing inside secrets on how its supply chain strategies have helped it weather industry-shaking events like COVID-19.

Deli Market News will continue to stay hot on Trader Joe’s trail, so stick with us.

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