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Walmart Drops Plans to Use Robots for Tracking Inventory

Walmart Drops Plans to Use Robots for Tracking Inventory

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

As Walmart continues to make news with its commitment to innovating its stores across the globe and trialing new, advanced ways of operating, the company has announced that it will be ending its partnership with Bossa Nova robotics. Originally intended to integrate robots into Walmart stores to keep track of inventory, the pilot expanded to 650 stores across the U.S., as we first reported on our sister site AndNowUKnow, before this most recent announcement.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the retail giant has ended its contract with Bossa Nova because the retailer found different, sometimes simpler solutions that proved just as useful, stated people familiar with the situation. As more shoppers continue to use online delivery and pickup because of COVID-19 concerns, Walmart’s workers were the ones to roam aisles collecting online orders and noticing inventory problems.

After expanding its original pilot with Bossa Nova Robotics to 650 of its U.S. stores, Walmart is ending the five-year partnership

This isn’t the end for Walmart’s dabble in technology, though. The source continued to note Walmart is still testing out new technology to advance its operations. Also, the retailer is pursuing ways to use workers to monitor product amounts and locations in addition to other automation technology, according to the people familiar with the situation.

“We learned a lot about how technology can assist associates, make jobs easier, and provide a better customer experience,” said a Walmart spokeswoman in a statement obtained by WSJ. “We will continue testing new technologies and investing in our own processes and apps to best understand and track our inventory and help move products to our shelves as quickly as we can.”

With so many innovations in the pipeline for Walmart, it leaves us to wonder what new update will the retailer unveil next? Keep reading Deli Market News as we go in search of the answer.