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Walmart Restructures Delivery Division, Ends Partnership With Skipcart

Walmart Restructures Delivery Division, Ends Partnership With Skipcart

Monday, February 24th, 2020

Over the course of the last couple of years, Walmart has been working hard to build out its grocery delivery and e-commerce division. This week, these efforts included changing its partner roster to no longer include grocery delivery provider Skipcart, according to a letter obtained by Bloomberg.

Within the letter, Skipcart informed Walmart that it would be moving on in order to focus on foodservice deliveries, effective April 30—a date that has since changed to March.

Walmart is parting ways with one of its grocery delivery partners, Skipcart

Skipcart and Walmart have partnered on grocery delivery since 2018, during which the delivery company's Chief Executive Officer Ben Jones claimed Skipcart handled about 50,000 Walmart deliveries a month. The Texas-based delivery service will continue to deliver groceries for 126 Walmart stores in smaller markets throughout 32 states until March.

How will this restructuring of its delivery division help Walmart build out and strengthen its internal operations and team? And will it draw in new delivery and supplier partners? Deli Market News will continue to keep its eye on the grocery retail sector.