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Wegmans Takes Care of Their own

Wegmans will be awarding college tuition assistance to 1,686 employees for the upcoming 2012/2013 academic year. Through the Wegmans Employee Scholarship Program, the company is supporting the students with awards totaling $5.05 million. The program is now in its 29th year and can boast the largest number of scholarships ever awarded by Wegmans in a single year. Beginning in 1984, over 26,500 Wegmans employees have been awarded scholarships totaling $85 million with Wegmans’ assistance. There is no limit on the number of scholarships awarded each year. Recipients are welcome to choose any area of study they wish to pursue and enter any field they desire upon graduation. Wegmans’ President Colleen Wegman, stated, “We want to help our people learn and grow so they can have success in reaching their goals.” Ms. Wegman, continues, “We’re especially pleased to see the number of scholarships grow and to help a greater number of employees on the path to higher education.”