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Wenzel's Farm Beef Jerky Debuts

Wenzel's Farm Beef Jerky Debuts

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Did someone say high-quality, handcrafted, small-batch meat snacks? Wenzel's Farm sure did! The company is bringing more value to the snacking space this year with the introduction of Wenzel's Farm Beef Jerky.

Mark Vieth, President, Wenzel’s Farm"The addition of beef jerky to our Wenzel's Farm meat snack offering is a major step for the company," President Mark Vieth expressed. "We have invested a lot of resources to bring this product to market and I think this new line of great tasting, all natural snacks will represent the strengths of our brand well."

Available in Original, Teriyaki, and Peppered flavors Wenzel's Beef Jerky is a snack to be pursued and can be showcased in 3 oz or 10 oz packages. As the company notes, Wenzel's takes great pride in crafting some of the finest, protein-packed, and naturally hardwood smoked meat products available.

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As the company continues to align with its vision for flavorful and healthy snacks, Wenzel's Farm Beef Jerky promises no artificial colors, no MSG, and no gluten in its products, according to a press release. The jerky also has no nitrates or nitrites. The new jerky treats contain 10g of protein per serving and are only 90 calories.

The perfect snack for hikes, picnics, the work desk, and more—this beef jerky is bound to make an impact in stores and consumer baskets.

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