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Cabot Creamery Unveils its New Founder Collection Cheese Line

Cabot Creamery Unveils its New Founder Collection Cheese Line

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Founded in 1919, Cabot Creamery is a company with a rich and meaningful history, stemming from a Vermont dairy collective of 94 area farmers.

A Cheese Board Featuring Cabot's Founders' Line

Cabot is now going back to these rural Vermont roots with its new Cabot’s Founders’ 1919 Collection line of traditional cheeses. Showing the company’s appreciation for slow, hand-tended cheesemaking, Cabot is offering four unique types of cheese: Orne Meadows, Private Stock, Adirondack, and Lamberton.

Learn more about each variety of Cabot’s Founders’ Collection line below:

Cabot Private Stock

Cabot's Private Stock

This Vermont-style cheddar cheese is a tribute to the company’s founding farmers. Rich, savory, and extra sharp, this Cheddar presents Cabot’s signature "Northeast Bite" alongside a subtle, buttery smooth texture. The company ages this variety for between 18-24 months, making it the Cabot cheese graders' “Best of Class” Cheddar.

Cabot Lamberton

Cabot's Lamberton

Named for one of Cabot’s founding farmers, F. C. Lamberton, this Vermont cheddar cheese uses the original 1919 Cabot recipe and is aged between 12-14 months. An Old World English style with caramelized notes and a buttery bite, this cheese offers a perfect balance of sweet & sharp flavors that would compliment crisp, wet fruits like pears or red grapes.

Cabot Lamberton, like all cheeses in this line, is rBST free.

Cabot Orne

Cabot Orne

Commemorating Cabot’s Founding Cheesemaker, Tom Orne, this smooth Alpine style cheese offers a subtly sweet, nutty finish. This original Vermont cheese has tiny, flavorful crystals that come naturally in the 14-16 month aging process, giving it a delightful mouthfeel.

Pair Cabot Orne meadows with muted crackers and warm breads. 

Cabot Adirondack

Cabot's Adirondack

Celebrating our New York farmers’ traditional Cheddar recipe, this classic cheese features a distinctively tangy, “Upstate” bite that sets it apart from other regional cheddars. With a slightly crumbly texture that still feels creamy and smooth, the 18-24 month aged Adirondack carries hints of grapefruit and other citrus that pair well with fruit plates.

For more on how to pair these new Cabot Creamery cheeses, stay tuned to DeliMarket News.

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