200 years of tradition
Castello - Number one imported havarti - Authentic Danish Heritage

California Lavash's Inanna Eshoo and Lilea Eshoo Detail Product Line

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

For so many in the food industry, putting a meal on the table is more than just sharing a dish, it’s about sharing a culture. This is definitely true of the family that owns and operates California Lavash. I had an opportunity to speak to the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Lilea Eshoo, and Foodservice Director, Inanna Eshoo, at the recent Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, California, to learn more about California Lavash’s approach to bread making and the culture that contributes to the family-run business.

Inanna Eshoo, Foodservice Director, California Lavash“We're a family bakery,” Inanna stressed. “Our dad actually started tinkering and making Lavash in the garage back in ‘92, so we've been baking flatbreads here in the Bay Area since then...We like bringing our culture's bread to people, and we hope you like it too.”

Currently, California Lavash is offering several varieties of bread to its customers. This includes lavash in Traditional—which Lilea says is straight out of their great grandmother's recipe—Whole Grain, Spinach, and Garlic & Herb. This also includes Traditional, Whole Grain, and Garlic Naan bread as well as two new items the company was highlighting at Winter Fancy Food Show: Pita!

Lilea Eshoo, COO, California Lavash“Our Pita [is] really thin, all crust, Lebanese style—Traditional and Whole Grain Pita breads,” Lilea explained. “One thing we pride ourselves on is that all our ingredients are pronounceable, and we like to keep our breads as simple as possible—true to their traditional recipes.”

California Lavash places a lot of pride in bringing its founding family's culture's bread to consumers

To learn more about California Lavash, watch our brief video above.

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California Lavash

200 years of traditionCastello - Number one imported havarti - Authentic Danish Heritage

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