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California Lavash's Lilea Eshoo Introduce the New Ancient Grains Flatbread

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

There’s just something about taking it back to tradition with new products, especially as consumers keep an eye out for all things natural in the market.

California Lavash’s Ancient Grains flatbread is a new item with a traditional feel, and Marketing Director Lilea Eshoo took the time to share it with us one-on-one.

California Lavash

“It’s very authentic,” Lilea tells me. “A lot of people are taking flatbreads and changing them around or adding chemicals and different things, but we’ve kept true to my great grandmother’s recipe.”

This new Ancient Grains Lavash incorporates healthy ingredients such as northern Iran-native khorasan, quinoa, and teff. The result is a lavash bread that is higher in fiber and lower in carbs than its predecessors.

California Lavash

“We make sure it’s clean, it’s healthy, and that it still has that great taste and flexibility and durability that people are looking for,” Lilea said.

To watch out full interview, watch the brief 62 second video above.

California Lavash