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Carr Valley Cheese Company's Sid Cook Discusses New Products and Consumer Demand

Carr Valley Cheese Company's Sid Cook Discusses New Products and Consumer Demand

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

When it comes to artisan cheese, there are sales increases to be found in bold and innovative flavor profiles. As Carr Valley Cheese Company knows well, this level of offerings not only inspires new partnerships, but new creations as well.

As Sid Cook, Owner and Master Cheesemaker, recently told me, Carr Valley has its eye directly on tapping in on consumer demand with its latest launch. The company is preparing to release its own artisan snack cheese line and a line of unique butters, providing tastes and products that the market has yet to see.

Sid Cook, Owner and Master Cheesemaker, Carr Valley“We’ve been making these cheese varieties for years, and they’re a favorite among our customers,” Sid tells me. “There’s really nothing like Stix on the market; no one is providing quality sheep and semi-firm goat-milk cheeses in an individually packaged form. These varieties are perfect for consumers looking to try different milk-types and flavors for the first time.”

Rather than spending a large portion of their budget on artisan cheeses, Stix gives consumers the option to try award-winning cheeses without the potential financial commitment. Each Stix is portable, all-natural, carb-free, and high-protein, and available in the following flavors:

  • Bread Cheese
  • Native Sheep
  • Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar
  • Goat Cheddar
  • Smoked Cheddar

Carr Valley worked closely with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board to identify the latest industry trends, incorporating them into an end product that directly answers what consumers crave. As a fourth-generation cheesemaker, Sid also drew on his knowledge and family techniques passed down over 100 years to bring out the best in the new products.

Cheesemakers cultivating Carr Valley products

“We’ve been producing authentic food for decades, using all natural ingredients and techniques, but it’s really becoming a priority now which we’re very excited about,” Sid continues. “We also experimented with packaging, size, and shape to see what was the most appealing for our customers.”

The innovation doesn’t stop with cheese at Carr Valley, as the company is also releasing a line of artisan butters using simple, quality ingredients. These butters are fulfilling a unique spot in the marketplace with the varieties of milk offered; goat, sheep, and mixed-milk.

Artisan Cheese Wheel

“Each butter imparts a subtle flavor difference that is great for cooking, or those with cow-milk sensitivities,” Sid says. “This line was originally created for high-end foodservice use, but we also found demand existing in the home-chef market.”

Both the butters and the Stix display labels that follow a design featured across the company’s whole line of products–colored packaging that differs based on the milk-type used.

Cheesemaker packaging artisan cheeses

At the end of the day, Sid assures me, each new offering undertakes the passion that the Carr Valley team holds dear; to blend innovation with old-world techniques in order to produce a really unique and stellar product that consumers will love.

What’s next for the creative cultivars at Carr Valley Cheese Company? Stay tuned to Deli Market News to find out.

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