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Al Baca Reveals Mifroma USA's New Products

Al Baca Reveals Mifroma USA's New Products

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Revered as one of the cheese capitals of the world, Switzerland attracts travelers from far and wide seeking to taste the country’s almost 500 melt-in-your-mouth cheese varieties. But, this New Year, those in the States looking to get their hands on Swiss dairy craftsmanship don’t have to travel farther than their local grocery store to send their taste buds to the old country.

Bringing convenience to consumers in more ways than one, Mifroma USA launched three new products this holiday season–Fondue Express, Sliced Raclette, and Shredded Gruyere AOP–and Regional Sales Manager Al Baca reveals all the delicious details.

Al Baca, East Coast Regional Sales Manager, Mifroma USA“We are committed to offering high-quality products that are kind to both the environment and to consumer health,” Al tells me. “With manufacturing and production facilities located in Switzerland, our company’s US division, Mifroma USA, imports a range of popular Swiss cheeses into the United States, together with a collection of specialty cave-aged cheeses, under the ‘Cavern’ brand. We are proud to uphold the tradition of manufacturing high-quality dairy products from Switzerland and our mission continues to be bringing gourmet Swiss cheese products to cheese-lovers across the United States.”

Al reports that Mifroma has worked extra hard to meet consumer demand, and the company’s efforts have paid off after Fondue Express, Sliced Raclette, and Shredded Gruyere AOP saw tremendous success this December.

“Through consumer research, we’ve provided products and packaging that delivers!” Al shares with me. “We’ve answered the consumer’s need for high-quality traditional Swiss cheeses that are delicious and convenient to serve! The attractive graphics and easily merchandisable packaging cater to both consumer needs and retailer displays.”

Mifroma Fondu

The new Fondue Express, available in 5.3-ounce microwaveable containers, is made with Gruyere AOP–which stands for Appellation d’Origine Protegée and translates to “protected designation of origin,” a sign of true tradition and quality, Al tells me–Emmentaler AOP, and delicious Swiss mountain cheese, white wine, cherry brandy, and an array of spices. The new Fondue Express only has a preparation time of 90 seconds, making it the perfect single serving, sit down snack for anyone craving a quintessential Swiss dish. Al recommends retailers display this convenient product in store’s specialty cheese grab-and-go sections.

Mifroma’s Sliced Raclette, available in 7-ounce packs with an easy open tray, are pre-sliced and perfectly portioned, saving consumers prep hassle. Sliced Raclette can be easily prepared and served for a fun-filled dining experience.

“The term raclette derives from the French word racler, meaning ‘to scrape,’” Al tells me.Traditionally eaten hot–but can be eaten cold as well–Raclette was first mentioned in medieval writings, in texts from Swiss-German convents dating from as far as 1291. Historically, Swiss cow herders took the cheese with them when they were moving cows to and from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect melting point, scrape it on top of bread.”

Mifroma Sliced Raclette

And lastly, Mifroma’s Shredded Gruyere AOP, available in 3.5-ounce cups with clear plastic lids and packaging that includes the authentic AOP designation, continues the company’s convenience trend with another perfectly-portioned product that contains no additives or anti-caking agents. Al suggests cheese-lovers include the Shredded Gruyere in fondue, pasta sauce, macaroni and cheese, French onion soup, omelets, soufflés, and more, Al also recommends retailers display this new product in their Alpine category and in the shredded cheese section.

“Gruyere has been produced since 1115 in the area surrounding the small village of Gruyere in Western Switzerland. Mifroma Shredded Gruyere AOP is made from traditional Le Gruyere that is minimally aged for 5 months. Prepared from the finest fresh milk from cows fed on grass during the summer and hay during the winter, this cheese has a fruity taste with hints of almond and caramel,” Al reveals.

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