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Alyssa Lightner Dishes on Di Stefano Cheese Website Debut and New Products

Alyssa Lightner Dishes on Di Stefano Cheese Website Debut and New Products

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Combining a passion for artisan cheeses and the rich heritage of their subsequent creation, Di Stefano Cheese has unveiled a series of consumer-minded moves to represent the elegance of its handcrafted Italian brand.

Di Stefano’s National Sales Manager, Alyssa Lightner, tells me along with a rebrand of the company’s logo, Di Stefano has also refocused its cup design, website, and has plans for expansive growth in the future.

Alyssa Lightner, National Sales Manager, Di Stefano Cheese“We have received excellent feedback on everything from our logo's new, fresh look to our eye-popping, beautiful cup design,” Alyssa says of the new unveilings. “Our website reflects both our new products, and our new look. We are very pleased with it.” 

Alyssa says that the new website contains all the same components as before, just with a more distinguished appearance and functionality, and still retains the company’s ever-popular Chef of the Month feature. “We highlight chefs from all over the country who use and love our products,” continues Alyssa. “This gives consumers a chance to recreate the amazing dishes our chefs share with us, and gives us a chance to say thanks to our supporters.”

This streamlined website organization makes it easier for the company to engage its supporters, and highlight its new products. Consumers can get a glimpse at the new items launching in May here, and are listed below:

  • Perle Mini Mozzarella Cups
  • 8 oz Cryovac Balls
  • Whole Cryovac 1 lb Logs
  • 8 oz Stracciatella Tubs
  • Ricotta 12 oz Cups 

Alyssa discloses that Di Stefano’s cheese selections are curated with milk free from the growth hormone rBST. The company is also all natural, non-GMO, preservative free, and contains no fillers, gluten, or whiteners

“We get all our milk delivered fresh daily down the road from our local diary,” says Alyssa, keeping in theme with the handcrafted care that goes into all of the products from Di Stefano. “All the cows are fed a highly nutritious diet.”

To aid in the turnout of its all-natural lineup, Di Stefano is also in moves to put the final touches on a recent plant expansion, “This enlargement will increase our ability to keep up with the demand from our customers while staying true to our roots of tradition, passion, and quality,” Alyssa advises.

So what else does Di Stefano have in store for its committed following of consumers? New products to entice cheese connoisseurs across the board, and make an even bigger name for the Di Stefano brand.

“We are looking forward to the future,” finishes Alyssa. “Di Stefano will be coming out with a line of organic mozzarella and ricotta this year.”

Give some exploratory clicks to Di Stefano Cheese’s new website, and continue to check back with DeliMarket News as we continue to cover brand expansions and stunning redesigns.

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