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Alyssa Lightner Talks Di Stefano Cheese's Rebranding and New Offerings

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Di Stefano Cheese has a lot to be excited about this year. The company not only debuted a brand new look at the beginning of this year, but several new products that kick up the company’s Italian cheese line up a notch. I spoke with Alyssa Lightner, National Sales Manager at Di Stefano, about what the company is bringing to the table now.

Di Stefano Cheese

“We’re excited to launch our brand new logo,” Alyssa tells me. “We’re also presenting a pearl retail mozzarella size…as well as an 8 ounce Cryovac Mozzarella Ball.”

Di Stefano Cheese

Di Stefano Cheese is most widely known for its fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, and Burrata cheeses, but now, the company has added a new Stracciatella type cheese


“The new thing is Stracciatella—the middle part of burrata, which is great because you can put that on a pizza or on top of any sort of appetizer,” she continues. “The mozzarella shell is very thin, which gives you a lot of cream and burrata to enjoy.”

Want to learn more about Di Stefano’s new cheese line additions? Watch my full interview with Alyssa above.

Di Stefano Cheese