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The Ambriola Company's Philip Marfuggi Discusses New and Classic Crema Items

New Jersey
Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

If you ask me, cheese is one of those foods that tastes great no matter the time of the day—at breakfast, as a snack, at dinner, and even for dessert! And with The Ambriola Company’s new items, consumers and cheese-enthusiasts have an opportunity to mix in fresh, delicious flavors into any meal of the day.

Auricchio crema products available in Paremsan Reggiano, Locatelli, Asiago, and Taleggio flavors

I recently caught up with Philip Marfuggi, President and CEO of The Ambriola Company, to find out more about the company’s latest debuts.

Philip Marfuggi, President & CEO, The Ambriola Company“We’re showcasing the new crema items. We have Crema Parmesan Reggiano, a Crema Locatelli, Asiago, and Taleggio—that’s a crema item that’s got about 240 days of shelf life,” Philip shares with me. “It’s excellent to make with paninis, mix it with pasta, and just on Italian crusty bread.”

Along with its new crema items, The Ambriola Company is also debuting a new Cremezzo Snack—a mild Italian cheese snack similar to a mozzarella, but “with just a little bit more flavor,” Philip tells me—as well as is now offering its iconic Locatelli wedge in a 7 oz option.

“Usually it’s been cut random weight,” Philip says. “The Locatelli is the number one selling brand of Italian cheese. It’s a Pecorino Romano, so it’s going to be a picante flavor, and it’s great for grating over pasta. But it’s also one of the few Pecorino Romanos that you can actually eat as a table cheese, too.”

Locatelli wedge in its newly launched 7 oz option

For the full scoop on Ambriola cheese, watch the video above.

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