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ANCO Appoints Arno Leoni as CEO

ANCO Appoints Arno Leoni as CEO

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Premier importer of specialty cheeses and fine foods ANCO has announced today that it has appointed Arno Leoni to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Effective May 1, Leoni succeeded Founder and former President and CEO Alain Voss after more than 25 years of continuous service

Arno Leoni, CEO, ANCO“I am honored that ANCO has chosen me to follow in the footsteps of Alain Voss, a truly iconic figure in the cheese and fine food import business,” said Leoni, in a press release. “I am also thrilled that I will have the ability to rely on Alain’s counsel over the coming year as he is an exceptional executive, leader, role model, and friend.”

Arno Leoni will assume the title of CEO, and Voss will remain Chairman of the Board of Directors and will also serve as Strategic Advisor and assuming control of Voss Enterprises Inc.

All Nations Cheese Organization

Additionally, Claude Blandin, will serve as the company’s new President and will join Leoni in leading Schratter Foods organization. These recent moves are part of a reorganization effort that began two years ago with the acquisition of Schratter Foods, Inc. from the French Groupe Bongrain.

"This is an exciting time to be in this business. Arno has the perfect combination of affability, experience, innovation, and the desire to do what’s necessary to grow our company,” said Blandin—who also serves as President of ECB USA which holds 97 percent of Schratter Foods Inc. “I have always had confidence in Arno, and I look forward to working with him in this new capacity over the next year on behalf of the company I love."

ANCO’s founder noted that Leoni is well positioned to handle the company’s expanding scope and the challenges of a burgeoning specialty market.

All Nations Cheese Organization

“After a deliberate process of selection, we are delighted that Arno will lead ANCO as we navigate through the evolving and expanding business of specialty cheeses,” concluded Voss. “Where imported cheeses were once solely the domain of European countries, ANCO is expanding in a global way to source cheese and specialty foods including olives and charcuterie from countries around the world, including Colombia, Canada, and Greece. We have also partnered with a number of smaller cheese companies who are producing award-winning artisanal cheeses on a small-batch basis. I am confident that Arno is the right person to take the helm at ANCO as our products evolve and we expand our sources throughout the world.”

We at Deli Market News congratulate Leoni and Blandin on their appointments and wish them the best in their new roles.