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Arthur Schuman Debuts New Name at Summer Fancy Food Show

Arthur Schuman Debuts New Name at Summer Fancy Food Show

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Adding heat to arguably what is already considered the hottest specialty food event of the year, Arthur Schuman is celebrating its 70th Anniversary at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC by gifting itself a new name - Schuman Cheese.

The company was founded in 1945 by Arthur Schuman, who wanted to bring the best cheeses to the American market. Its new name and logo honors its heritage while recognizing the company culture that drives its modern business strategy.

Neal Schuman, CEO, Schuman Cheese

“Seventy years of operations brings growth, and it brings change,” said Neal Schuman, Arthur’s grandson and the current CEO, according to a press release. “First and foremost, our new brand honors our proud history and the dedicated employees who have helped make my grandfather’s dream a reality. At the same time, it underscores our innovative and forward-thinking spirit and helps ensure we are poised to keep building on that momentum.”

Secondly, as part of the company's plan for growth and to further recognize its anniversary, Schuman Cheese is introducing to the industry its newest brand, Yellow Door Creamery. This new brand is aimed to complement their dominant brand, Cello, and will give them a "platform for experimentation."

Allison Schuman, Product Innovation Member, Schuman Cheese

“By taking an experimental approach to a traditional category, Yellow Door Creamery leads with an off-the-beaten path and optimistic approach to cheese making,” said Allison Schuman, a fourth-generation family member with an active role in product innovation. “Yellow Door brands evoke the senses through unique formats, flavor profiles and blends. This maverick, trendsetting approach provides cheese lovers, industry influencers, and home chefs with amazing, one-of-a-kind cheeses.”

At launch, Yellow Door Creamery is offering its first line, a series of hand-rubbed Fontinas. The line includes a Habanero & Lime variety, which, according to the company, has already received acclaim from judges in competition. 

Another group of cheeses, carried under the Yellow Door Creamery's new Brilliant Blue umbrella, feature a pair of blue cheeses, including a 'crumbles' product and one of sliceable individual servings.

The company is also giving visitors to this year's Summer Fancy Food Show a preview of their newest vibrant cheddar flavored Cello-Whisp, a crispy snack made from their award-winning Cello Parmesan.

Ilana Fischer, Vice President of Innovation and Strategy, Schuman Cheese

“We are thrilled to offer snack lovers a preview of Cello Whisps’ new vibrant cheddar flavor at the Fancy Food Show this year,” said Ilana Fischer, Vice President of Innovation and Strategy for Schuman. “Cheddar Whisps, along with our popular Parmesan Whisps, demonstrate our success in delivering an addictive, gluten- and wheat-free, sugar-free, pure snack that contains only a single ingredient – our very own cheese.” 

To keep up with Schuman Cheese, point your cheeseboard to DeliMarket News.

Schuman Cheese

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