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Atalanta Cheese Sweeps the World Cheese Awards with Multiple Wins

Atalanta Cheese Sweeps the World Cheese Awards with Multiple Wins

Monday, November 19th, 2018

Atalanta Corp, food importer giant, has many reasons to celebrate this month, for the company recieved several awards for its imported cheeses at the World Cheese Awards November 2, 2018.

From its Dutch supplier, Beemster, the Beemster Classic was awarded Super Gold, a designation that puts it in the company of 78 other cheeses considered best in the world.

Beemster's other awards included:

  • Beemster’s Paradiso Reserve - Gold Award
  • Beemster Goat - Gold Award
  • Royaal Grand Cru - Silver Award
  • Beemster XO - Bronze Award

Marcel Vantuyn, Managing Director, Beemster Cheese"Along with the World Cheese Championships in Wisconsin, the World Cheese Awards are the most important cheese competition in the world," said Marcel Vantuyn, Beemster's Managing Director. "The awards are an endorsement of the hard work we do every day. It starts with how the farmers tend to their fields and their dairy cows, then continues to the unique process that our cheesemakers use to make our cheese. From beginning to end, we do everything in-house to make sure our cheese is perfect. It's very nice to be recognized for our vertical integration, dedication, and commitment."

From Italy, Perenzin Bufala al Glera also took home a Super Gold. According to a press release, this cheese is made in Italy's Veneto region with buffalo milk and flavored with wine from Glera grapes. Arrigoni Formaggi, a cheesemaker in Northern Italy, also received a Super Gold for Erborinato, a rich blue cheese from the Novara region with a rind coated in coffee.

Awarded cheeses from left to right: Beemster Classic (Super Gold), Beemster XO (Bronze), Paradiso Reserve (Gold), Beemster Polder (Gold), Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro (Gold),  Perenzin Bufala al Glera (Super Gold), Grana Padano Oro del Tempo (Silver)

In addition to these cheeses, the importer also received accolades for the following:

  • Arrigoni's Taleggio DOP - Gold Award
  • Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro - Gold Award
  • Carpenedo Basajo - Gold Award
  • Grana Padano Oro del Tempo - Silver Award
  • Perenzin Montasio Stravecchio - Bronze Award
  • Capra al Traminer - Bronze Award

Andrea Berti, Director of Business Development, Atalanta"The World Cheese Awards has become the 'World Cup' for cheese and cheese producers. The variety of cheeses and the quality of the products that I was honored to judge were outstanding," said Andrea Berti, Director of Business Development at Atalanta. "It was a great experience to be part of an extremely professional organization, and I am proud of our suppliers that are recognized for their superior products! I am looking forward to the next edition in Italy."

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