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Atalanta Corp Acquires ANCO Fine Cheese & Corman Ship Supplies

Atalanta Corp Acquires ANCO Fine Cheese & Corman Ship Supplies

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Specialty food importer Atalanta Corporation announced this week that it has acquired All Nations Cheese Organization (ANCO) Fine Cheese, with its Swiss Chalet Fine Foods division acquiring Corman Ship Supplies. Both ANCO Fine Cheese and Corman Ship Supplies are business units of Schratter Foods Inc.

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"For decades, ANCO has been one of the most established importers of specialty cheese to the US. Together with Atalanta's own rich history, we have a unique opportunity to solidify our position as leaders in the specialty cheese and deli categories," Tom Gellert, President of Atalanta, said in a press release.

Swiss Chalet’s acquisition of Corman Ship Supplies, a distribution network dedicated to the growing Cruise Line Industry, will help the company increase its offerings and service levels to the Cruise Line industry across the country.

Steven D'Onofrio, President, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods"I am excited to bring Corman into Swiss Chalet, their history of tailored service to the Cruise Lines will allow us to expand our reach to this growing market segment," said President of Swiss Chalet Fine Foods, Steven D'Onofrio.

According to a press release, Atalanta, The Gellert Global Group, and Swiss Chalet are looking forward to gaining great synergies from both ANCO's and Corman’s network of relationships with suppliers, customers, and the addition of a great team of people.

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