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Atalanta's Mifroma Hop on Top Cheese Puts Beer Flavor Forward

Atalanta's Mifroma Hop on Top Cheese Puts Beer Flavor Forward

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

I must admit, I’m a bit of a decadent eater, and I fully subscribe to the mantra “treat yourself” when it comes to food. Two of my favorite indulgences? Cheese and craft beer. So, you can imagine my delight when I got wind of Mifroma’s Hop on Top premium cheese. Each wheel of Hop on Top is coated with the dried and ground remains of the beer barrel, giving it that same satisfying and complex flavor that you crave from your favorite beer and cheese pairing.

Delia Hughes, Business Development Manager, Atalanta“As consumers continue to ‘Hop’ on the craft beer movement, this artisan Swiss cheese is the perfect partner to this trend,” shared Delia Hughes, Business Development Manager for Atalanta, Mifroma’s partner for importing. “Washed in a local Swiss lager and rubbed with the remaining hops, this cheese couldn’t be more beer-centric!”

Now that your taste buds are sufficiently tantalized, let’s dive into the back story of what makes this offering so unique. While beer-washed cheese rinds may not be the most cutting-edge innovation in food, Swiss Cheesemaker Franz Renggli’s process is what truly sets this gem apart. Entlebuch, an area of Switzerland known for both its cheeses and beer grain production, served as inspiration for the young artisan, who set out to develop a cheese that combines both the creaminess of all Renggli’s cheeses and the robust, earthy flavors of beer.

With five months of ripening time, Hop on Top turns into a cheese full of taste and character, even before that finishing touch of a beautiful beer coating. According to the company, the Hop on Top cheese base is produced using thermalized milk from cows grazing in the “Entlebuch Biosphäre,” a vast area protected by UNESCO because of its wholesomeness and role model status. Renggli’s dairy sits atop a mountain above the village of Schüpfheim at a 2,800 feet elevation. There, 16 farmers are hard at work producing over 900 gallons of milk daily to create the cheese you love, and all living within a 2.5 mile diameter.

Want to learn more about Hop on Top and its decadent combination of two trending flavors? Visit for this, and all of Atalanta’s premium cheese imports.


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