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Award-Winning BūF Creamery Cheese Excels; Alexa Bell Discusses

Award-Winning BūF Creamery Cheese Excels; Alexa Bell Discusses

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Cheese connoisseurs seeking authentic buffalo-milk mozzarella and earth-friendly manufacturing don’t have to reach only for Italian labels in supermarket cheese sections. With more than 800,000 water buffalo and acres upon acres of lush Colombian Andes grass for the buffalo to munch on, Colombia-based Būf Creamery offers tasty free-range, grass-fed cheese made from the milk of local water buffalo.

Alexa Bell, Director of Business Development, Būf Creamery“Būf believes that the healthiest animals are grass-fed animals, year-round, and never in confinement,” said Alexa Bell, Director of Business Development at Būf Creamery. “We never feed them grain or use growth promotants. This is for the health of the animal, the quality of the cheese, as well as the health of the consumer. We are linked to traditional animal husbandry, we are not doing anything differently than feeding our bufalas what they are meant to eat. As an author says, you are what you eat eats.”

Būf Creamery cheese

Būf offers three different lactose-free, organic cheeses with rich, creamy textures and clean flavors. Receiving accolades from the American Cheese Society, its classic Mozzarella was voted #1 in 2016; its Ricotta, a fine, semi-sweet, lighter cheese that’s made from the whey residue of the buffalo, was voted #2; and its Burrata, a fresh mozzarella encasing a distinctly softer, separate curd and cream, was voted #3.

Alejandro Gomez Torres, Founder and CEO, Būf Creamery“We are so committed to sustainable production, you can even find hints of tropical grass when you taste our cheese!” Alejandro Gomez Torres, CEO of Būf Creamery noted.

Būf Creamery cheese

While you won’t find a cute chuffing buffalo on the label, Būf’s packaging is clean and fresh, just like their cheese, and is easily stackable and transportable, so you can enjoy at home or on the go.

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BūF Creamery