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Beer & Cheese Pairings: Featuring Marin French, Bravo Farms, Shaft’s Cheese with Sierra Nevada’s Ovila® Abbey Quad with Plums

Beer & Cheese Pairings: Featuring Marin French, Bravo Farms, Shaft’s Cheese with Sierra Nevada’s Ovila® Abbey Quad with Plums

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Welcome to this edition of Beer & Cheese Pairings. This week, I’ve chosen three extremely diverse cheeses to find the best pairing partner for Sierra Nevada’s complex and sweet Ovila® Abbey Quad with Plums. Let’s jump right in.


Ovila® Abbey Quad with Plums is a rich and dark beer from Sierra Nevada. It has been infused with the complex sweetness of abbey-grown plums. This heady beer has aromas of caramel, rich malt, and dark fruit balanced by the spiciness and delicate fruity notes.


Bleu Vein from Shaft’s Cheese is a savory, full flavored bleu cheese that has been aged for a minimum of one year. Made with rBST free pasteurized cow’s milk, this cheese develops a rich, creamy flavor through a unique aging process. This bold cheese was my absolute favorite with the beer. The sweet plum flavors created a beautiful balance with the pungency of the blue.

Premium White Cheddar from Bravo Farms is made with high quality milk and develops a rich and flavorful cheddar the longer this cheese ages. It was exceptional on its own, but lost some of its sharp wonderful qualities by being overtaken by the strength of the beer.

Triple Crème Brie from Marin French has a rich and smooth texture and a slightly sweet flavor that made it a World Cheese Awards Champion in 2005. Made with high quality milk from neighboring Marin County dairies, this cheese was my favorite of the day. It paired beautifully with the Ovila as well, but it couldn’t quite match the balance of the first pairing.

Be sure to check back for another all new installment of Beer & Cheese Pairings.

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200 years of traditionWonders of Wisconsin - Celebrate American Cheese Month

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