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BelGioioso Unveils New Snacking Fontina, Mini Mascarpone, and Mini Ricotta

BelGioioso Unveils New Snacking Fontina, Mini Mascarpone, and Mini Ricotta

Monday, January 18th, 2016

BelGioioso recently unveiled its newest additions to its portfolio at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show, continuing to capitalize on the growing snacking trend.

The DeliMarket News team had a chance to try and sample the new Snacking Fontina, Mini Mascarpone, and Mini Ricotta at BelGioioso’s booth #3621 during the convention. All natural, rBST free, gluten free, and containing no gums or fillers, these new offerings are all made using traditional Italian cheese making methods as with every BelGioioso cheese.

The Snacking Fontina’s was a hit among show attendees. Each 0.75 oz. package comes with three cubes and is emblazoned with a smile logo. This product is available in 6 oz. retail bags packed 10 per case. 

BelGioioso's Snacking Fontina

“At just 70 calories, [the Snacking Fontina’s] mild, buttery flavor truly brings a smile with every bite,” said Sean Moran, Vice President of Sales.

BelGioioso has also created a 3-ounce Mini Mascarpone™ cup and a 5-ounce Mini Ricotta™ single serve cup. The Mini Mascarpone™ cups are packed 18 cups per case, while the 5 oz. Mini Ricotta cups are packed 12 per case, according to a press release.

BelGioioso's Mini Mascarpone™ Cups and Mini Ricotta Single Serve Cups

“The Mini Mascarpone and Mini Ricotta are petite sized cups of our all-natural, award-winning cheeses, offering freshness, convenience, and portion control for the consumer,” Moran continued. “The cheese is packed with protein and calcium and offers a healthier alternative to traditional snacks.”

If you’re still in San Francisco and still haven’t had a chance to check out these new additions yourself, be sure to visit BelGioioso at booth #3621.