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BelGioioso's Sofia Auricchio Krans Discusses New and Featured Products

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Consumers crave cheese. It's a given. But the right cheeses, the right packaging, and a compelling story are key to capturing dollars and driving sales in the deli department. Thankfully, BelGioioso Cheese has all three.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sofia Auricchio Krans, Fifth Generation Cheesemaker, to learn more about BelGioioso, the company’s history, and its line of authentic Italian-style cheeses made in the heart of Wisconsin.

Sofia Auricchio Krans, Project Manager, BelGioioso“BelGioioso is a family-owned and operated cheese company in Wisconsin. We feature wonderful Wisconsin milk and Wisconsin cheese, all local,” Sofia explained, telling me the company is currently focused on a number of new innovative offerings in a time-honored tradition. “BelGioioso was founded in 1979, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, by my father Errico Auricchio, and we are still producing Italian-style cheeses in Wisconsin today. We started with provolone, and now we have expanded our line to almost 30 different varieties of cheeses.”

The company is currently featuring a number of items that resonate with consumer trends and retailer demands—from several lines of all-natural sliced and shredded cheeses to traditional Italian cheeses sure to resonate with the U.S. audience.

Crescenza Cheese from BelGioioso“What we’re focused on is our Stracciatella…a filling of the Burrata. Burrata is a wonderful blend of shredded Mozzarella with a cream filling, and that cream filling now can be found in Stracciatella,” continued Sofia. “We also are featuring our first place Parmesan, our creamy Gorgonzola, our fresh Mozzarella, snacking, and our Mascarpone—which are wonderful cheeses we produce in Wisconsin.”

Additionally, Sofia told me, the company is finding success with its All Natural Deli Sliced and its All Natural Cheese Cups.

For more, check out our complete video above. And check in with Deli Market News for the latest in dairy, deli, bakery, and specialty food news.