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BelGioioso's Sofia Auricchio Krans Reveals Proprietary Artigiano Cheese and La Bottega Line

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

When you meet someone who is truly passionate about what they’re creating, it not only stands out on the show floor, but you can taste it in the products. Such is the case with BelGioioso’s new La Bottega line, featuring the proprietary Artigiano cheese. Project Manager and daughter of the Founder of the company, Sofia Auricchio Krans, was happy to discuss the new products she helped to develop with us at this year’s IDDBA, and we were happy to listen.

Sofia Auricchio Krans, Project Manager, BelGioso“The unique thing about this line is that it kind of came in response to what the consumers wanted,” Sofia explained to me as she showed me the La Bottega line. “We spent a lot of time redesigning the labels and also changing the characteristics of the cheese just to give it something else.”

Created by one of the company’s master cheesemakers for the La Bottega line is the Artigiano cheese. With a uniquely nutty and sweet flavor and a crystalline texture, the cheese is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

“It was a work of progress and a work of love. We kept working with different cultures to try to come up with something unique,” Sofia went on. “It’s different from anything else—it's a totally new cheese. It’s our art and we have a whole palette of different flavors and things to taste.”

Want to learn even more about the love and creativity that went into BelGioioso’s latest La Bottega products? Here from the source herself in my interview with Sofia above.