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Bellwether Farms Announces ‘Whole is Better’ Campaign

Bellwether Farms Announces ‘Whole is Better’ Campaign

Anaheim, CA
Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Bellwether Farms announced its new Whole is Better campaign to support national distribution of its Organic Whole Cow Milk Yogurt and fulfil its company mission to make healthy products for consumers with full, active lifestyles. The latest campaign aims to increase national distribution of whole fat yogurts and cheeses and encourage consumers to think and eat with health in mind.

Liam Callahan, Co-Founder, Cheese and Yogurt Maker, Bellwether Farms“Our products are whole milk, intentionally. It’s common sense on top of good science, whole is better. Whole fat yogurt, cheese, and milk taste better and are better for us,” said Liam Callahan, Co-Founder and Cheese and Yogurt Maker, in a press release. “We respect the integrity of the milk so it delivers all the nutrition and health benefits naturally. With careful handling of the highest quality milk we can find, we have created a richer, creamier yogurt, without straining, adding thickeners or cream. We design our products to support healthy, active lifestyles for peak performance and enjoyment.”

Bellwether Farms' Organic Whole Milk Yogurt in Blackberry

Whole is Better is also in line with recent studies and reports suggesting that dairy foods made with whole fat milk are more nutritious than reduced-fat or fat-free products. And this is certainly the case for Bellwether Farms’ new yogurt, teeming with health benefits such as being naturally high in heart-healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals, and nutritious A2 proteins. The Whole Cow Milk Yogurt also blends 12 live, active bacteria strains that work together to deliver the probiotic benefits expected from yogurt.

Made with organic whole milk from Jersey cows pastured on a farm in Sonoma County, California, Whole Cow Milk Yogurt joins Bellwether Farms’ lineup of award-winners, including Sheep Milk Yogurt, as consumer demand for whole dairy products continues to climb.

With the launch of the campaign, new taglines, as well as schedules for social media, sport events, and online promotions, come summer, will be featured on new packaging for a 3.75-ounce transparent cup with fresh, ready-to-blend fruit, single-serve cups and 4-packs available in Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Spiced Apple, Vanilla, and Plain, and a 32-ounce foodservice size available in Vanilla and Plain.

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