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Bellwether Farms Introduces Organic Item, Launches Foundation, and More

Bellwether Farms Introduces Organic Item, Launches Foundation, and More

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

As the industry moves closer towards the end of the year, companies are relishing in their decorated wins and planning ahead for a new year of strategies and innovations. Bellwether Farms is celebrating a wide variety of titles both on the national and international level, with a new product launch forthcoming.

The company stated in a press release that its 2016 year has been filled with recognition for its full spectrum of products, from fresh products to aged cheese and cultured items. The full list of wins is as follows: 

  • Good Food Awards: Whole Milk Basket Ricotta
  • American Cheese Society: 1st place for Blackstone, 2nd place for Whole Milk Basket Ricotta, 2nd place for Crème Fraiche
  • World Championship Cheese Contest: Third Award for Whole Milk Basket Ticotta, Third Award for San Andreas, Third Prize to Pepato
  • CalExpo State Fair: Gold for Blackstone, Bronze for Crème Fraiche, Bronze for Whole Milk Basket Ricotta

The Blackstone secured the highest awards in its premiers, and Basket Ricotta ended up winning all four competitions it was entered into and an international distinction. Bellwether Farms noted that Crème Fraiche’s win has added another title to the cheese’s more than a dozen awards since 2000.

The company asserted that its 2016 plans are not yet over, as the company is preparing for the launch of Bellwether Farms Organic Yogurt. This product will be a cow milk companion for the sheep yogurt which is already popular amongst consumers. 

Liam Callahan, Proprietor & Cheesemaker, Bellwether“Our commitment to produce naturally healthful dairy products started with our first cheesesin 1990,” stated Liam Callahan, Proprietor and Cheesemaker. “Adding the new organic cow milk yogurt to our line is one more milestone in that ongoing commitment.”

The organic cow milk for the product will be cultivated from a nearby Jersey dairy, before adding live cultures and high-quality fruit for each flavor. The new product will be offered in the following flavor: 

  • Blueberry
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry
  • Spiced Apple
  • Vanilla
  • Plain

Retailers can find furthered success in selling the yogurt selections in 5.3 oz cups, and a 4-pack of 3.75 oz cups.

Bellwether Farms was founded in 1986 by the Callahan family, and is celebrating 30 years of business this year. In order to spread this level of success, the family announced that they have established Bellwether Farms Foundation.

“We are pledging one percent of our sales to strengthen the food system by supporting organizations which provide hunger relief or food-related education to our communities,” continued Callahan. “We can’t end hunger alone but we feel that food producers must invest in kids learning about and eating good food.”

The new yogurt products will be covered in a foil seal depicting the Foundation’s logo and pledge. The new Foundation will seek opportunities to invest in communities across the nation where its products are sold.

As new innovations help bring the year to a close, and introduce the new creations of next year, stay up with Deli Market News for the latest.

Bellwether Farms

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