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Bellwether Farms' Sales Manager Alexis Tejeda Talks New Organic Whole Milk Yogurt

Bellwether Farms' Sales Manager Alexis Tejeda Talks New Organic Whole Milk Yogurt

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

I don’t know about you, but, for me, mornings are always just a tad bit more difficult than any other part of the day. Making wake-up calls much more enjoyable is Bellwether Farms with its new Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, layering cow’s milk yogurt atop a bed of delicious jams.

Taking a moment to chat with me about Bellwether Farms’ newest item to hit the line-up is Sales Manager Alexis Tejeda, who dishes out the details on what makes this item so uniquely irresistible.

Bellwether Farms organic whole milk yogurt

“We are using 100 percent Jersey milk, which is delicious, creamy, and richer in solids than other cow milks. This gives us a fuller-bodied yogurt, without having to strain, add any thickeners, or 'formulate' a heavier product,” Alexis shares. “Furthermore, this is the first certified organic product that Bellwether Farms has produced, as well as being the first cow’s milk yogurt. It’s got higher levels of A2 protein, which is easier for many people to digest.

This sounds like a treat that caters to my sleepless sweet tooth while tending to my, and shoppers', health-focused aspirations. The new yogurt cups make on-the-go healthy snacking as easy as a walk to the refrigerator. But before getting home to consumers, what is so eye-catching in supermarkets?

Bellwether Farms organic blackberry whole milk yogurt

“We believe that the packaging itself is recognizable and speaks to the quality of the yogurt inside. The 4-packs of organic whole milk yogurt create great billboarding on the retail shelf, and are eye-catching to the end consumer. Our packaging even includes a small map on the bottom of the 4-pack which allows customers to see where the product is from,” Alexis tells me on the convenient and appealing packaging before revealing maybe the most inviting aspect of all. “Rounding out the packaging with the clear cups, we enable our consumers to see the product itself. Full transparency, including the ingredients used, where it is produced, and with the yogurt itself, is our goal.”

This show-stopping yogurt option is not the only debuting product Bellwether Farms is offering customers. The company is also launching new cheeses to further establish its existing, well-loved line.

Bellwether Farms Crescenza soft-ripened cheese

“In addition to our whole milk yogurt launching nationally, we continue to improve and expand upon our cheese selections. Our Whole Milk Basket Ricotta just won a Good Food Award—this year makes the 5th for this item. At the creamery we have new French micro-vats, which make our Crescenza cheese even more consistently delicious and creamier than ever. And this spring we are going to be launching a new fresh sheep’s milk cheese. We will be starting out with food service tubs and shortly thereafter moving into producing fresh cheese logs,” Alexis explains.

As the company continues to establish itself as a premier yogurt and cheese visionary, expanding various aspects of its lines to address consumers’ wants and needs in delicious new ways, the road ahead holds more exciting releases that tour the dairy section with force and recognition.

Bellwether Farms

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