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Best Cheese USA Introduces DeWaag® Emmengoat™ to North American Consumers

Best Cheese USA Introduces DeWaag® Emmengoat™ to North American Consumers

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Goat cheese is an expanding presence in the North American grocery landscape, but for many, fresh chèvre is the end of the line. And for many eaters averse to the tanginess we goat cheese enthusiasts know and love, a taste of chèvre could turn them off to the whole category.

DeWaag Emmengoat Goat Cheese is the latest on-trend offering available through Best Cheese USA

Thankfully, Best Cheese USA is broadening American eaters’ options and bringing a new take on goat cheese sure to appeal to aficionados and amateurs alike. The company recently introduced DeWaag® Emmengoat™—a goat’s milk based take on one of the most popular and classic styles of cheese of all time—Emmentaller. I spoke with Best Cheese’s Alexa Khaghan to find out more.

“When asking a US consumer to describe goat cheese, the response is very often that of fresh goat chèvre,” Alexa told me. “To expand consumers perception of goat cheese, we worked with one of our producers in The Netherlands to develop a cheese that a consumer would likely have had experience but put a twist on it. Thus, the idea of an Emmentaller style of cheese using goat’s milk was came about. Emmentaller styles of cheese is one of the world’s best-known cheeses.”

DeWaag Emmengoat is a truly unique offering, pairing familiar flavors in a heady, novel, and thoroughly pleasant eating experience.

“Its approachable, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor is an appeal to consumers while changing the milk source adds a slight tang typical of goat’s milk.  This tactic allows the consumer to create association with something they know but also encourages exploration in a new flavor at the same time.”

Consumers and connoisseurs looking for interesting new offerings with traditional cheese bona fides should take note: Emmengoat is perfect for adventurous eaters looking to broaden their palates. 

Best Cheese worked with producers in The Netherlands to develop a cheese that is both familiar to consumers and completely unique

And, Alexa told me, the product is a truly innovative production accomplishment—the result of a thoughtful and laborious process,

“The biggest challenge was adapting the traditional Emmentaller recipe to be made from goat’s milk,” Alexa said. “Cow’s milk and goat’s milk have different compositions and flavors. It took several rounds of recipe development to capture the characterizing Emmentaller holes in the cheese as well as its taste profile. The accomplishment in achieving these has been widely recognized by other producers as they know it must have been a long journey for us to get it right.”

And right it is. 

For more on innovative offerings in the dairy, deli, bakery, and specialty food space, keep reading Deli Market News.

Best Cheese USA

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