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Burnett Dairy Cooperative Acquires Cady Creek Farms

Burnett Dairy Cooperative Acquires Cady Creek Farms

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Extending its dairy reach even further, the Burnett Dairy Cooperative announced that it has acquired a 100 percent interest in Cady Creek Farms LLC.

“This strategic acquisition will allow our farmer-owned cooperative the ability to better serve our customers and marketplace with innovative products while continuing to provide the same wholesome, quality products our customers and consumers have come to know and trust” said Dan Dowling, President and CEO of Burnett Dairy Cooperative, in a press release.

Previously a 50/50 split partnership between Burnett Dairy Cooperative and Dairy Deli Solutions, the cooperative said that this purchase will provide a more integrated cheese product portfolio and go-to-market sales approach for the organization overall.

“We will proudly continue to offer the Cady Creek Farms™ brand of products that are in retail deli today; furthermore, this will serve as a strategic expansion to the Burnett Dairy Cooperative family of brands including Burnett Dairy™ and Wood River Creamery™ found in the retail dairy and specialty cheese cases,”” finished Dowling.

Cady Creek Farms is a retail deli cheese company from Green Bay, WI, which was formed in 1998 as a partnership endeavor between Dale and Wendy Marcott of the Cady Cheese Factory, and Pete DeMars and John Landmeyer of Dairy Deli Solutions.

Burnett Dairy Cooperative acquired Cady Cheese Factory in 2013, and thus assumed a 50 percent interest of ownership in Cady Creek Farms. Farmer-owned since 1986, Burnett Dairy Cooperative said that it looks to create the highest quality milk from the ground up by utilizing a close relationship between farm families and their side-by-side work with crop and dairy experts.

Burnett Dairy Cooperative said that it will continue to provide employment to all of the employees at Cady Creek Farms, and existing operations will continue in its current location.

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