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Carr Valley Cheese Highlights New Specialty Butter Line

Carr Valley Cheese Highlights New Specialty Butter Line

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

At the heart of Carr Valley Cheese’s over one hundred years in the cheese and dairy category is tradition. Despite being renowned for making cheese and dairy products the old-fashioned way, the cheese company is not one to shy away from innovation. With over one hundred traditional, artisan, and specialty cheeses to its name, Carr Valley Cheese continues to balance old-world craftsmanship and product pioneering with the announcement of its new line of specialty butters, highlighted here.

Sid Cook, Owner and Master Cheesemaker, Carr Valley Cheese“I’m so happy with the way the butters have turned out; our new butters are fantastic,” Sid Cook, Owner and Master Cheesemaker, tells me. “I love the way they function when I cook with them because it seems like you don’t need as much butter to impart flavor. The sheep, goat, and Menage butter varieties function differently than our cow butter due to fat composition, and as a result, less product makes a bigger impact. Each flavor has beautiful taste and dissolves in your mouth, making them great as a cracker spread, too. We’re excited about our new butters and the people who have tried them are excited, too.”

Made with different milk types, Carr Valley Cheese’s artisan butters come in four unique to the market flavors: cow, goat, sheep, and Menage—which is made with mixed milk butter. The new line of butters is perfect for the home chef looking for special, buttery flavors or snackers looking for something new to enjoy.

Dave Christoff, National Sales Manager, Carr Valley Cheese“The response for the butter has been absolutely amazing!” Dave Christoff, National Sales Manager, says. “We received a lot of great feedback from stores selling the butters and from customers that communicate with us through social media. One unexpected market we’ve seen with the butter customers has been individuals with a bovine milk allergy, but who are able to tolerate sheep or goat milk products. Like you would a fine salt, our butters are being used as a finishing product by professional and home chefs alike.”

All butters are available for purchase in 8 oz cups that come 12 to a case. But soon, Carr Valley is releasing a European-stye 4 oz foil package as well. With the Menage on the shelves now, keep your eyes peeled for the cow, goat, and sheep varieties soon to be available in the next few months.

Carr Cheeses Specialty Butters

This year, Carr Valley Cheese competed in the 2017 World Cheese Awards, taking home ten more awards and continuing its trend of being one of the most award-winning cheese companies in the world. Most notably, Carr Valley’s Shepherd’s Blend won Super Gold, making it the fifth Super Gold the company has won at the competition.

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Carr Valley Cheese

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