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Celebrity Offers Fresh Flavors, Differentiation in the Growing Goat Cheese Market

Celebrity Offers Fresh Flavors, Differentiation in the Growing Goat Cheese Market

Monday, October 30th, 2017

As the goat cheese category grows and more and more producers enter the market, deli departments and foodservice operators are looking for well-differentiated products to drive sales and capitalize on the opportunities involved in this burgeoning market.

One brand bringing unique flavor varieties, outstanding quality, and iconic branding to the category is Celebrity Goat Cheese. I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Marissa DeMaio, Atalanta’s Director of Retail Marketing, to find out more about the brand and just what goes into making Celebrity’s products “Famously Good.”

Marissa DeMaio, Director of Retail Marketing, Atalanta“The Goat Cheese category has recently become a bit of a crowded category, and that is a testament to the fact that goat’s milk products are growing in interest and consumption. So much more than traditional fresh goat logs are now offered in the marketplace; product innovation has shaped the category by introducing more unique flavors of fresh goat, fresh goat cheese snack options, spreads, and more varieties of hard goat cheese,” Marissa explains.

Celebrity Goat Cheese

Celebrity’s award-winning line of goat cheeses, Marissa notes, has all the hallmarks of growth-driving products within the category. Celebrity’s products are made with 100 percent Canadian goat’s milk from family-run farms in Eastern Ontario operating under the environmentally friendly and humane practices. The company uses sea salt in its production for exceptional quality and taste and offers a slew of unique flavor varieties like Chocolaty Cherry, Rum Raisin, Apple Cinnamon, and more.

“Differentiation is key, and we believe there are two key factors that set us apart from the competition,” says Marissa. “First we are a company that prides ourselves on our connection to the farmers. Mariposa Dairy works closely with fifty dedicated family-run farms that have happy, healthy goats thanks to the use of modern humane practices. Secondly, we are constantly developing new flavors to launch! Flavored cheese is a huge trend in the U.S. market, and we want to make sure we are offering up unique flavors that will meet the mark with our consumers!”

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And, with growth coming from flavored varieties, spreads, snack items, and other product innovations, Marissa tells me that Celebrity is primed to help retail partners capitalize on emerging trends and grow sales in the goat cheese category with its forward-thinking approach.

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Celebrity Goat Cheese