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Cutting Consumption with Brevda Inc. and The Biēm Butter Sprayer

Cutting Consumption with Brevda Inc. and The Biēm Butter Sprayer

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

If you’re anything like me, cold butter from the fridge is a bane to your culinary experience which can sour everything from a simple slice of toast, to a seasoned array of vegetables. Luckily, Beanitos creator, Doug Foreman, has a kitchen solution for you in Brevda Inc.’s newest product innovation, the biēm

Doug Foreman, Founder and Creator, Brevda Inc“The biēm makes butter even better, and a lot more versatile, especially in terms of ease-of-use and portion control,” said Doug Foreman, Creator, in a press release.

Professional and home chefs alike simply have to place a stick of butter into the square-shaped interior, hold the biēm by its waist, and spray the exact amount desired in a steady beam of butter. 

Biem Butter Spray

“While there are other products on the market that claim to be butter sprays, none of them use real butter,” explained Foreman. “They are all using either artificial or flavored oil and typically are chocked full of other artificial ingredients. Not to mention dangerous flammable propellants. Until now, there has never been a way to take a solid stick of real butter and turn it into a handheld spray in seconds, period.” 

Biem Butter Sprayer

Last month, Brevda reached its Kickstarter funding goal to move the project from research and design into the next stage of production. After two years spent perfecting the spray, reliability, and longevity of the product, the company is now hoping that consumer interest will spike in pre-orders and help quicken the biēm’s manufacturing.

Biem Butter Sprayer

“For anyone who’s ever struggled to butter bread without tearing it, butter an ear of corn, or butter a pan without having to heat the pan and scalding the butter, this product is for you,“ finished Foreman.

Biem Butter Spray

In addition to being easy to clean and aesthetically alluring, the biēm also boasts a wide variety of portion-perfected uses; essentially, any situation where butter makes an appearance. Other cooking oils can also be used the product, in lieu of butter.

For more information on the design, research, and utilization of the biēm watch the video above! The biēm will retail at $99, or $129 with extra battery. Pre-orders for the product can be placed here.

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