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Cypress Grove Introduces Haze Remix

Cypress Grove Introduces Haze Remix

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Cypress Grove, maker of pioneering soft-ripened goat cheese Humboldt Fog, has announced a new offering that takes their classic flavor profile to a new place with its Limited Edition Humboldt Fog Haze Remix.

Mary Keehn, Founder, Cypress Grove"Humboldt Fog is so near and dear to my heart—it's really the cheese that put Cypress Grove on the map,” noted Founder Mary Keehn. “Haze Remix has been a really exciting project for us—Humboldt Fog and Purple Haze are two of our most popular products, and putting them together seemed crazy at first, but the result has exceeded our wildest expectations."

With Haze Remix, the company is offering a fresh new take on “the Original American Original®.” Haze is the first in a Humboldt Fog Remix line that will rotate, beginning this September, through a variety of limited edition Humboldt Fogs—all featuring a different distinctive ribbon of herbs borrowed from our family of fresh goat cheese disks.


In its announcement, Cypress Grove described its new Haze Remix as “the love child of Humboldt Fog and Purple Haze” and promises the new offering, available starting September 5th, is “everything you know and love about Humboldt Fog, but with a ribbon of lavender and wild fennel pollen replacing the black ash” of the original.

For more on Cypress Grove’s line of remixes and other exceptional product offerings, check in with us at Deli Market News.

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