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Cypress Grove's Christy Khattab Discusses New Product Launch

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Goat cheese is both spreadable and delicious, marking it a must in my book. Add '80s references? I’ll be more than hooked.

I chatted with Christy Kattab, Marketing Director for Cypress Grove, to learn more about the debut of the company’s Fresh Goat Cheese Cup.

Christy Khattab, Marketing Director, Cypress Grove“You’ll notice that all of the cheese cup names have '80s song titles,” she begins, attracting my eye to the neon titles emblazoned on the front of the cup. “We have four flavors in this line, starting with Straight Up, which is our plain option; then Sweet Dreams; then Little Red Corvette, which is our savory; and then Danger Zone, our spicy.”

If the titles didn’t get you excited to try the product, the snackable, smaller-sized packaging just might. High in protein and low in calories, Christy tells me that these cheese cups are the perfect way to get people into goat cheese.

Cypress Grove's new Fresh Goat Cheese Cups come in four flavorsIn addition to debuting the Fresh Goat Cheese Cup, Christy shares a bit about the history of the company, whose founder Mary Keehn understood the importance of telling a story.

“Mary started this company in the early 80s. We really want to be that American original, so we’ve taken this opportunity to really do a lot of storytelling, like touching on the start of Mary and what we stood for,” Christy tells me.

The convenient, spreadable cheeses are great for those not accustomed to goat cheeseProviding customers with recipes and talking points to amp up their excitement around cheese speaks to this cheese-lovers heart. I’ll be singing “Is it gonna be you and me together?” to the fresh goat cheese cup, because my snacking match has been found.

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