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Dannon Announces Return of Kosher for Passover Yogurt with Delicious, Unique Recipes

Dannon Announces Return of Kosher for Passover Yogurt with Delicious, Unique Recipes

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

This week, Dannon announced that its Kosher for Passover yogurt is returning to store shelves just in time for the holiday. And this year, Dannon is partnering with renowned cookbook author Adeena Sussman to develop unique, creative recipes using the Kosher for Passover yogurt to provide consumers and more delicious spread ideas perfect for matzah toppings.

Sergio Fuster, President of U.S. Yogurt Portfolio, DanoneWave“We’re thrilled to offer our customers Dannon Kosher for Passover yogurt, and we’re proud to have become a staple in Kosher households over the years,” said Sergio Fuster, President of the U.S. yogurt portfolio at DanoneWave, in a press release. “At Dannon, we are honored to have a rich history serving the needs of the Jewish community and others, and to continue to deliver on our commitment to cater to consumer demand by offering the widest variety of products.”

Springtime Avocado Matzah Toast, Cheesy Spinach-Artichoke Matzah Toast, and Chocolate Pecan Matzah Toast

Since founding Dannon in 1942 after immigrating to the U.S. during World War II, Daniel Carasso has made it his mission to bring delicious yogurt that meets the needs of diverse shopping preferences to all American families. For more than 20 years, Dannon has been producing yogurt that is Kosher for Passover—an adapted recipe that must conform to strict guidelines administered by the Orthodox Union and with a process overseen by a rabbi trained in the specific certification.

Adeena Sussman, renowned cookbook author “Growing up, Dannon Kosher for Passover yogurt was a part of my family’s Passover tradition” said Sussman, who also works as a recipe developer and passionate home cooking expert. “I'm happy to carry on that heritage and bring fresh new ideas to the Passover table."

Offering a flavorful twist on meals and snacks with a multitude of offerings including Plain Nonfat, Plain Lowfat, Plain Whole Milk, Vanilla, and Coffee, Dannon Kosher for Passover Yogurt is available nationwide for a month before Passover and during the eight-day holiday, from March 15 to April 7, and retails for $3.29 for quarts, $.79 for a single serving, and $2.79 for the 4-pack.

Visit for more information on Dannon Kosher for Passover products and Adeena Sussman’s Kosher for Passover recipes. For more on what’s new in deli, dairy, and bakery, keep checking back with Deli Market News.


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