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Deca & Otto Marketing Director Discusses New Website and Brand Opportunties

Deca & Otto Marketing Director Discusses New Website and Brand Opportunties

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

With a unique position in the dairy industry as a producer of buffalo milk products, paired with the equally unique flavor profile of its items, Deca & Otto now has a new and creamy website to pair with its consumer offerings. As the Marketing Director at the company recently told me, Deca & Otto is using this new website launch to hone in on the growth of its brand at large. 

Deca Otto Homepage

“We wanted a website that truly expressed our brand identity and the most important features of our products–that they are made with 100% grass-fed buffalo milk, and that products made with buffalo milk have healthier benefits,” says the Marketing Director, elaborating that the company’s website is taking a fun and interactive angle rather than a simply informative display, which can be less engaging. 

The new website, viewable here, boasts its key feature of easy navigation with a sleek style and alluring aesthetic. The site update also features a new recipes section where consumers can view a multitude of tasty methods to create and best use their Deca & Otto products.

Deca Otto Recipes Page

“We hope our easy to navigate interface will help consumers effortlessly read through our website, and find out more about our products than they are exposed to in the store alone,” the Marketing Director tells me. “Our recipes section will also continue to expand with new recipes added to help return traffic to the site.”

The new site isn’t the only new launch for Deca & Otto, as the company is also directly tying in its previously released new product packaging with the visuals of the website. This move gives the company a comprehensive brand identity and recognition.

Also notable to the site, is the company’s prominently displayed logo, which was updated from the one previously featured on the company’s old website. The new logo better represents the Deca & Otto brand, elaborating their story; Deca is the company’s first buffalo, and Otto is her beloved companion who sits on her head and grooms her while she grazes. 

Deca Otto Mobile Page

“We hope our new website will differentiate us from other brands and companies, because most other websites in the industry and our segment are usually older and don’t tailor to the web viewers as much,” finishes the company’s Marketing Director. 

As we previously reported, Deca & Otto has already made a name for itself in the industry by offering unique flavor profiles and differentiated healthy dairy offerings in the form of cheeses, yogurts, and spreads. Its star products are Buffalo Mozzarella (Mozzarella di Bufala) and Burrata.

Stay up with Deli Market News as we continue to report on the up-and-coming Deca & Otto brand, with more news and features on the way.

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