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Deca & Otto Partners with ANCO; More Growth in Store

Deca & Otto Partners with ANCO; More Growth in Store

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

With updated branding, unconventional health benefits, and an interesting company history to add to its already notable portfolio of products, Deca & Otto has certainly been attracting attention in the dairy segment. Expanding its partnerships and opportunities, ANCO has recently added the brand to its own lineup of quality dairy products.

As Hannah Thompson, Manager of Client Services at ANCO, recently told me, the importer and distributor of cheeses and specialty related goods is excited about its new partnership with Deca & Otto due to the uniqueness of the company, and the possibilities its brand entails for the dairy segment.

Hannah Thompson, Client Services Manager, ANCO

“Our goal for Deca & Otto is to help them grow from product introduction to brand familiarity,” Hannah says, as we discuss how her association with the brand grew from her first introduction to a trip to Deca & Otto’s farms in Colombia. “I believe we can create a demand for this brand and its products, based upon the quality they exhibit in every part of its production process.”

Hannah sees lots of retail possibilities for the brand in its updated packaging, which has evolved into a more sophisticated look across the board that engages consumers and also reflects the quality of the products, while also providing for more merchandising options as well. These changes have also been reflected in the company’s newly unveiled website.

“Retailers can also get excited about the nutritional value of the products, as water buffalo milk boasts more health benefits than regular milk with 30 to 40 percent less cholesterol, and more natural protein and calcium,” Hannah says.

Even more importantly, and unique to the dairy segment, is Deca & Otto products’ ability to be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant; which allows for increased sales and marketing possibilities to the segment.

Hannah says that after adding the brand to ANCO’s portfolio, she took a trip to Colombia to see first-hand how the company procures its products and was struck by the high ethical and operational standards Deca & Otto maintains.

“The production and pasteurization processes of Deca & Otto’s farms are 100 percent environmentally friendly, and its animals are treated with love and respect,” Hannah says, telling me about getting up before dawn to hand-milk water buffalos, learn more about the history of water buffalo in the country, watching cheeses get made by hand, and touring farms. “The company’s core values are producing the highest quality products, while caring for its employees and buffalos. It’s close to my heart that Deca & Otto buffalos roam free on the farm, and are 100 percent grass fed.”

With the company’s combination of traditional techniques and new technologies, Deca & Otto flushes out ANCO’s selections with quality and safety. Hannah says that these standards are ones she hopes the entire industry can observe, to take note of how to be profitable and socially-responsible.

Hannah will be working throughout the year to lift Deca & Otto’s brand sales and increase profits. Given the uniqueness of the company and its products, including the pure white appearance of products procured from buffalo’s milk, Hannah is optimistic about the impact of the brand in the buy-side realm.

“Deca & Otto won third place at the ACS Competition this year for its yogurt, and everyone at ANCO is very proud of them,” Hannah says, detailing that the company’s current star lineup consists of Buffalo Mozzeralla (Mozzarella di Bufala), Burrata, Dulce de Leche, Mozzarella Crème, and Greek yogurt.  

As Deca & Otto continues to bring its generations-old quality dairy products to market with easy accessibility to consumers, Deli Market News will be looking for where the company and its ANCO partners are headed next.

Deca & OttoANCO

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