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Dough Finds Permanent Placement in Doughnut Ice Cream Cone Market

Dough Finds Permanent Placement in Doughnut Ice Cream Cone Market

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Did you ever dream of putting a scoop (or several) of ice cream on top of your morning doughnut?

Of course you have, and to prove it the internet has gone wild over the Doughnut Ice Cream cones, which are… exactly what your inner child has always dreamed of.

“This adventurous alternative to the classic cone is credited to Good Food Coffee and Bakery cafe in Prague, whose fried sensation took over the internet in February, drawing the attention of foodies on every social media platform and major news outlet,” Dough Bakery said in a press release.

The push has created a permanent home for the morsel with Dough Bakery. Originally intended as a one-day promotion, the craze created has now given way to a full-time menu item, debuting in Florida filled with creamy swirls of house-made jelly doughnut-flavored ice cream.

And that is far from all. Toppings include:

  • Bacon caramel popcorn
  • Cotton candy
  • Whipped cream
  • And a cherry on top

Made from actual doughnut dough with a Nutella lining, topped with soft serve ice cream, this brings a rare Eastern European treat to the U.S.’s sweet tooth.

Dough's hand-crafted treat is the product of a successful foodie-focused media campaign, held March 24th, that sold out in less than hour, the company said.

The people have spoken. While consumers want their healthy snack and meals, dessert is still very much dessert.

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