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Emmi Roth is Wishing You a Merry Swissmas with Advent of Three Unique Recipes

Emmi Roth is Wishing You a Merry Swissmas with Advent of Three Unique Recipes

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Holiday meal planning can be a frightening challenge to undertake, but Emmi Roth has consumers’ best interests at heart, as the company launches three new recipes to tackle feast-heavy season. The company’s alpine cheeses, like Emmi Appenzeller®, Raclette, and Der scharfe Maxx, are made with raw milk from Swiss cows, which gives the cheeses a unique, rich flavor that pairs well with cozy nights in during the cooler months. After spending between 90 days to six months in caves and cellars during the aging process, the company’s cheeses are ready to be taken home from stores and enjoyed upon unwrapping.

Emmi Roth Appenzeller Cheese

Emmi Group’s subsidiary Emmi Roth is celebrating the holidays and the cheeses’ origin-story with three unique recipes that were inspired by Swiss holiday eats, making great additions to anyone’s meal plan with flavorful, rich cheeses.

  • Appenzeller® Pork & Mushroom Pie— This new-and-improved version of a meat pie is modeled after the Swiss Christmas dinner entree, Filet im Tieg. Now, Appenzeller’s added herbal spiciness harmonizes with savory, pork-filled pastry puff. The recipe is steeped in 700 years of Swiss history and held close to the heart. Just 60 village dairies make this specific flavor of cheese in the Swiss mountains’ Appenzellerland.
  • Raclette Tartiflette— This specific flavor is the traditional Swiss melting cheese and makes for a hearty addition to potato and cheese dishes. When melted over potatoes, bacon, and shallots, raclette creates a delicious dish that can be consumed as a center- or side-of-the-plate item. What makes this specific flavor of cheese so remarkable is that it comes in both mild and flavor-filled types, depending on the age of the wheel from which it comes, making it a great addition to a variety of meats, vegetables, and breads.
  • Roasted Flour Soup with Der scharfe Maxx— This is a soup that originated in the Swiss border city of Basel, and it is commonly spoken of as Basler Mehlsuppe in its Switzerland origin. Der scharfe Maxx is one of six ingredients in the soup, and it is a semi-soft cheese made with milk from cows that roam within a 10-mile radius of the Käserei Studer creamery in Switzerland. This easy-to-make recipe can be enjoyed throughout the winter season to warm the bones and soothe the soul.

Wanting more details on Emmi Roth’s collection of winter cheeses consumers can relish? Visit or follow Emmi USA on Facebook.

Emmi Roth

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