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Emmi Roth's Heather Engwall Talks New Kindred Creamery Line

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

When cows come first, does great cheese come after? For cheesemakers invloved with the new Kindred Creamery line, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. I spoke with Emmi Roth’s Director of Marketing, Heather Engwall, about her company’s partnership with the Kindred Creamery cheesemakers, and why it's important that cows come first.

Heather Engwall, Director of Marketing“The cheesemaker that we’re working with created a ‘Cows First’ program, where they’re working directly with the farmers to sign a pledge making sure they’re taking care of the land and making sure that they’re treating the cows properly,” Heather explained to me from the show floor of the Summer Fancy Food show. “Consumers can feel confident not only about, not only the cheese is great, but the connection from the cheesemaker to the farm is also a good one.”

The Kindred Creamery line includes multiple varieties of cheddar, a gouda, and Jack cheeses, and a few spicier flavors that Heather tells me about during our interview, including Sriracha and ghost pepper flavored cheeses. 

Want to learn more about Emmi Roth’s partnership with Kindred Creamery and the Cows First Program? Watch my full interview with Heather from Summer Fancy Food Show above.

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