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FrieslandCampina Introduces Frico Brand Value-Added Products to U.S. Market

FrieslandCampina Introduces Frico Brand Value-Added Products to U.S. Market

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

In an industry brimming with heritage brands, FrieslandCampina’s Frico label stands out. Founded in 1898 when six Dutch dairy producers united as the Foundation of Friesian Cooperative Dairy Export Association, Frico would, throughout the course of its 120 year history, become a much loved cheese throughout much of the globe.

It’s in that pioneering tradition that FrieslandCampina—a dairy cooperative whose roots trace back to 1879—is introducing new and on-trend snacking options to the U.S. Market under the Frico label. I recently had an opportunity to speak with Debbie Seife, Marketing Director, North America, to learn more about the company’s Gouda Cheese Snacks, Cheese Slices, Cheese Loaves, and other forward thinking takes on traditional Dutch cheeses.

Debbie Seife, Marketing Director, North America, FrieslandCampina“Soon we’ll be launching our Gouda Cheese Snack,” Debbie told me, noting that the product made its debut at the recent IDDBA 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. “There are eight in a resealable package. They’re a 20 gram portion easy peel package. As it’s been for the last number of years, snacking is growing. So we felt Gouda, being one of fastest-growing types of cheese in the U.S., would be a good match. And being that we are the largest producer of Gouda, it certainly makes sense for us to introduce the snack itself.”

Featuring a rich, creamy Gouda imported from Holland, Debbie tells me that the new snack pack appeals to consumers of all ages and is tailored to the needs of both retailers and grocery shoppers.

Each cheese snack package is resealable, with a hard bottom and soft seal top

“It’s the perfect grab-and-go opportunity; we put it in a resealable bag,” Debbie continued, “and for the retailer, it will have a peg hole as well as a gusseted bottom so it can be merchandised easily.”

Additionally, FrieslandCampina has debuted a line of sliced cheeses—in a variety of popular flavors.

“We also launched a line of sliced cheese. We did a full range of Dutch cheeses that are packaged in a resealable tray format,” Debbie added. “The packaging has a hard bottom and a soft, top seal top—easy for consumers to open, easy to grab a slice, and we’re putting it in a display-ready case that makes it really easy for the retailers in terms of stocking. Retailers can tear off the top of the display ready case and literally put it right on to their shelves. It merchandises very easily. For consumers it’s easy to shop; for retailers it’s easy to stock.”

Frico sliced cheeses are packed 12 to a case, available in 5.3 oz packages

The new line of Frico sliced cheeses packed 12 to a case are available in six 5.3 oz package varieties: Gouda, Aged Gouda—or “Old Dutch Master”—Maasdam, a Swiss Style cheese, Edam, Emmental, and a unique sliced Goat Cheese. “It’s mild and soft and, really, it’s delicious as a slice in any kind of a sandwich setting,” Debbie noted.

She continued: “And one of the other lines that we’re introducing is a Cracker Cut that would fit on a traditional cracker—really great for entertaining or snacking. We’re introducing these in a 7 oz package in the same peel-and-reseal format as our slices. And we’re going to start with two different cheeses—one being Gouda, and the other being Maasdam.”

Frico Cracker Cuts is a perfect grab-and-go product, available in an eight-to-a-pack display-ready case

Like the slices, Debbie tells me, Frico’s Cracker Cut line is available in an eight-to-a-pack display-ready case for ease of stocking and shopping.

Rounding out the new products FrieslandCampina is debuting this season, the company is introducing a Shaved Goat Cheese.

“Goat cheese has been expanding as a cheese type; from fresh to ripened. The fresh has gone from logs into crumbles, but most ripened that has a firm texture has traditionally been sold in a wedge and we haven’t seen a tremendous amount done with format and we’re launching the slices. Looking at Italian cheeses—like Parmesan, for example—we have seen grated, shredded, and now shaved showing a lot of growth. We thought it would be a natural extension and on-trend to offer a shaved goat cheese.”

Gouda is one of the fastest-growing types of cheese in the U.S

FrieslandCampina’s shaved goat cheese offers a variety of category expanding options to home chefs and culinary enthusiasts and a great grab-and-go option to capture adventurous consumers’ dollars and drive repeat sales.

With a rich cultural and culinary history and a bright future, FrieslandCampina’s Frico brand seems poised to bring product innovation and Old World tradition to U.S. consumers for years to come. For more dairy, deli, bakery, and specialty food news, keep reading Deli Market News.


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