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 Got Milk?  Commercial Brings the Campaign Back with a Twist Ending

"Got Milk?" Commercial Brings the Campaign Back with a Twist Ending

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

A good story brings multiple emotions to the surface, and advertising - essentially - seeks to do just that. To tell a good, concise story to its consumers in a brief window of time.

The latest "Got Milk?" commercial, for me, did just that.

For those who have not yet seen this newest addition to the dairy campaign’s strategy, you can view it below. Keep an eye out for the twist ending.

If you hadn’t been informed in the beginning of this story, would you have even known that this was a milk commercial until those final moments? I certainly didn’t.

The “Spicy Loves Milk” and “Sweet Loves Milk” campaigns are part of a new avenue for the California Milk Processor Board that brings both nostalgia and comedy into play as it reminds consumers why they should be keeping milk in their fridge.

This latest trajectory, launched last month, is a multi-emotional approach that reminded me personally of when the table would be set automatically with glasses of milk for each family member when a spicy meal was prepared with the knowledge that it would be needed.

In contrast, the "Sweet Loves Milk" campaign is equally nostalgic for the American classic of pastries and milk combos kids are raised to believe is essential. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Pinky and the Brain, cookies and milk. It just makes sense.

To see just how different, yet equally effective, this side is, watch the commercial below. And prepare to be hungry…

Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ (GS&P's) Kate Catalinac, Creative Director on the campaign, told Adweek that the approach is one to remind the consumer that milk makes food taste better.

Kate Catalinac, Creative Director, Goodby Silverstein & Partners“It's a challenging time for dairy milk. It's hard for good old-fashioned milk to compete with crazy fizzy sodas and neon-colored sports drinks. That is, until you get out a plate of cookies,” Catalinac told Adweek. “You simply can't find a better beverage to pair with your favorite sweet foods than a tall, frosty glass of milk. Nor can you find a better BFF for spicy curry or a lineup of enchiladas, especially if you're under 21.”

It’s an approach that effectively reminds the viewer of that, as well as presenting a doorway to cross promotions with other companies. For now, the report listed that team ups are mostly with chefs like Top Chef’s Elizabeth Binder, but who knows what this could lead to?

For now, I would say that this commercial approach effectively brought a story of humor, flavor, and nostalgia to those viewing. 

DeliMarket News will continue to follow this and other new marketing approaches, so stay tuned.

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