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Ian Schuman of Schuman Cheese Discusses Partnership with Bergader Cheese and El Pastor

San Francisco, CA
Thursday, February 1st, 2018

This year’s Winter Fancy Food Show has come and gone, and in the wake, we are left with a bounty of burgeoning relationships. While this is exciting for all of us, Schuman Cheese walked into the show primed and prepped for successs with its recent partner, German-based Bergader Cheese, that has since boomed with success, as well as its more established partner with Spanish cheese company El Pastor.

Bergader Edelpilz

Taking a moment to chat with me at the show was Ian Schuman, Specialty Cheese Business Manager at Schuman Cheese, who gave me the inside scoop on all the exciting happenings for the company.

Ian Schuman, Specialty Cheese Business Manager“The reception has been incredible. People can’t stop eating the cheese, and the look on people’s faces when they eat it is just a genuine look of surprise… It’s a mild introductory blu cheese, so its really approachable to consumers, and it’s an awesome cheese we’re proud to launch and proud to partner with Bergader,” Ian shares on Bergader Cheese’s Bavarian Blu.

He then dives right into details on the new goat cheese logs the company is launching alongside its partner El Pastor, including flavors like chili, honey, Valencia orange. The flavors come to life at the show, as they launch into the industry orbiting delights.

For more details on Schuman Cheese’s new launches, check out the latest details Ian has to share in the video above.

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Jana Foods Rembrant Extra Aged GoudaAtalanta - Delamere - Deliciously tasty and versatile spreadable goat's butterQuality begins with passion

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