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Jana Foods' Steve Cilento Talks Imported Cheese Line

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Traveling to all corners of the world, Jana Foods has sourced specialty cheese brands from different countries around the globe to bring something new and unique to cheese aisles everywhere. And, with rigorous standards of quality, consistency, and value helping to weed out the best flavors and textures, I caught up with Steve Cilentro, Jana Foods’ East Coast Sales Manager, to learn more about the company’s lines from Holland, England, and Greece.  

Steve Cilentro, East Coast Sales Manager, Jana Foods

“From Holland, we’re doing aged goudas, which is known as a Dutch masterpiece; we’re doing the Kroon goudas, which consist of a medium age and a red wax; we have a Cablanca which is a goat milk gouda; and then we have a Mediterranean herb, which is a light cheese that is infused with sundried tomatoes and roasted pepper, a very flavorful cheese,” Steve shares with me.

Wyke Farms cheese

Selling nationwide in the United States, Jana Foods represents fine cheese producers from countries like Australia, Denmark, Argentina, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Hungary, and more.  

“From England, we have the famous 150-year-old Wyke Farms Dairy, that is a self-sufficient farman all green dairy, [with] no fossil fuels used whatsoever. They have a two-year vintage cheddar and a smoked cheddar,” Steve continues. “And finally, we have a Greek feta imported from Greece. It’s barrel-aged so it’s made in actual barrels, pressed, and held.”

Greek Feta cheese

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Jana Foods

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Jana Foods is an importer of fine cheese from around the world including Holland, England, Australia, Denmark, Argentina, Greece, Italy, Hungary and others.

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