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Jarlsberg® Cheese Launches Life's Best Served with Jarlsberg! Campaign

Jarlsberg® Cheese Launches "Life's Best Served with Jarlsberg!" Campaign

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Jarlsberg® Cheese has launched its biggest multi-faceted campaign in over a decade. Aimed at Baby Boomers and older millennials, the campaign will launch in New York Metropolitan area off the brand’s new platform “Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg!” The campaign is intended to highlight the romantic, fun, and even mundane memories that consumers have developed in association with the cheese.

Valerie Liu, Marketing Manager, Jarlsberg“As millennials and echo booms–a.k.a older millennials–enter the peak ages where rituals around family life and cuisine are reestablished, we want to ensure they’re reminded of Jarlsberg; its great taste, and the pleasant memories they associate with it…After all… Life’s Best Served with Jarlsberg. We are dedicated to long-term brand building to inspire shoppers nationwide… which ultimately translates to shoppers buying more Jarlsberg and making more memories,” explained Valerie Liu, Marketing Manager.

Jarlsberg Cheese's new campaign will feature digital ads, brand ambassadors/influencers, mobile and digital coupons, and retailer opportunities

The new brand platform will span across digital ads, brand ambassadors/influencers, mobile and digital coupons, and retailer opportunities. In addition to that multiplicity of forms, the company will also debut in a Times Square billboard!

Jarlsberg Cheese's new brand platform will target older millennials and Baby Boomers

BJ Kito, VP of Operations, Digital Surgeons“As a leading specialty cheese brand that dates back to when I was a child we couldn’t be more thrilled with the opportunity to partner with Jarlsberg and their amazing team as take the next step into the connected future of consumerism,” said BJ Kito, VP of Operations at Digital Surgeons. “We are grateful for Jarlsberg’s leadership and investment in attracting and communicating with the next generation of consumers.”

We hear at Deli Market News can’t wait to introduce a new generation to our kitchen-based traditions.


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