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Kitchen Table Bakers Spotlights Three Flavors for Its Parm Crisp Line

Kitchen Table Bakers Spotlights Three Flavors for Its Parm Crisp Line

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Known for its 100% parmesan Parm Crisps™, Kitchen Table Bakers offers a full range of flavors for the on-the-go cheesy snack with a wide variety of flavors.

To give a scope of the product line’s reach, DeliMarket News decided to dive in and give three very different options a try:


Jalapeno Parm Crisps

As a born-and-bred Californian, I had to set aside that anything with the word “jalapeño” already arouses a feeling of warm affection in my stomach. But the bite of the cheese, and the form of the snack being thicker than a chip but thinner than a cracker, allowed for all the pluses of that spicy kick without being overwhelming to the pallet.

Aged Parmesan

Kitchen Table Bakers Parm Crisps

Something about this particular flavor is both classic and versatile. This could just as easily be a chip substitute to be eaten by itself, or something that could be dipped or added to soups or salads. After all, classics usually become classics for a reason.


Kitchen Table Bakers Sesame Parm Crisps

This tasty option is directly in line with the mediterranean flavors gripping the consumer market, and definitely could go decisively well as the edible tool shoppers are looking for to dip into their hummus or babaganoush.

Each product, aside from being 100% parmesan, are oven baked and all natural. Kitchen Table Bakers debuted the newly-refreshed line of Mindful Munching™ ParmCrisps™ at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show, including hormone-free Parmesan cheese. According to the company, this change improved the already distinct flavor profile and made it even safer for consumers with dietary restrictions and allergies. 

They offer a great alternative to health conscious consumers in need of something to munch on, while still being gluten and sugar free.

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