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Klondike Cheese's Luke Buholzer Discusses Buholzer Brothers Brand

Friday, July 6th, 2018

My love of cheese has morphed from a want to a need over the years, as companies like Klondike Cheese continue to push the boundaries in creativity to offer new takes on heaven—oops, I mean cheese—experiences!

At this year’s IDDBA, Vice President of Sales Luke Buhlozer filled me in on the latest with the award-winning cheeses.

Klondike Cheese's Dill Havarti Cheese

The company recently revealed its new Buholzer Brothers® brand of cheeses.

Luke Bulhozer, Vice President of Sales, Klondike Cheese“So, we have Havarti, Muenster, and Brick. Brick is a Wisconsin original cheese, and it’s been a very regional cheese, and we’re [going to] finally unveil it to the rest of the country,” Luke explains.

The mild flavor works great in seemingly infinite dishes, Luke tells me. From melted on a burger to sliced for a charcuterie board, the Wisconsin original offers something for everyone.

In addition to Brick, the company has Havarti to bring a different flavor and texture to the lineup, while still being versatile for many applications.

The company recently revealed its new Buholzer Brothers® brand of cheeses

“Havarti, it’s a very creamy cheese. We actually add cream to the milk for it. It slices very well; fantastic for sandwich applications,” he says.

For more ways that consumers are looking to Klondike for their cheese needs, check out the video above!

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