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Land O'Lakes, Inc. Announces New Business Division

Land O'Lakes, Inc. Announces New Business Division

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Land O'Lakes, Inc. will soon form a new business unit to focus on the company’s environmental sustainability efforts—SUSTAIN.

Chris Policinski, President & CEO, Land O' Lakes Inc.

"Stewardship of the land, water, and air has been a hallmark of our farmers for generations, and we're excited to announce a new step forward to serve our members and customers even better, and ultimately, continue our commitment to preserving our resources," shared Chris Policinski, Land O'Lakes President and CEO. 

As detailed in a press release, SUSTAIN will focus on helping to ensure sustainable crop production by doing the following:

  • Delivering insights, products, and services
  • Enhancing sustainability within the Dairy Foods and Feed businesses
  • Partnering to improve efficiency and collaboration on sustainability programs

Matt Carstens, Senior Vice President-SUSTAIN, Land O' Lakes Inc.

The division will be led by Matt Carstens, who comes to be Senior Vice President of SUSTAIN from his prior position as VP of United Suppliers, Inc. Merged with Land O'Lakes in October 2015, United Suppliers' seed and crop protection businesses operates today as Winfield US, a part of Land O'Lakes, Inc. In late 2017, the company expects to take the second step to merge United Suppliers' crop nutrient business.

"Our business portfolio, which includes Winfield US crop inputs, Purina animal feed and Land O'Lakes foods, gives us a 'farm-to-fork' view of what sustainability truly means for our industry,” Policinski added. “We believe that view, partnered with the tools and technology we have developed, will help sustainability practices across the value chain of all our businesses and those of our partners in the industry.”

Land O' Lakes Headquarters

Having a track record of evolving commitments to do more for the environment, Land O’Lakes also recently announced a new public-private partnership with the State of Minnesota to protect and improve water quality across the state.

Land O'Lakes, Inc.