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Laura Chenel Introduces New Cabecou Marinated Goat Cheese Line

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Laura Chenel has a new product line that promises both a big punch of flavor and the same great goat cheese consumers have already grown to love. 

The company’s Marketing Director Elyzabeth Dehapiot joined me to shell out all the details on the new Marinated Cabecou goat cheese. 

Laura Chenel

“It’s a great product and pretty versatile,” Elyzabeth shared during our interview. “You can bake with it, you can put it on crackers, but also you can keep the marinade for your extra recipes.”

Available in two varieties, Marinated Cabecou in Herbs and Spicy Cabecou, both come in a new anti-leaking, resealable, and recyclable jar.

Laura Chenel

The disks inside each jar are cut from fresh logs and placed on racks to dry approximately 5 to 7 days, according to Laura Chenel’s website. Each anti-leak jar is hand-packed with savory herbs and oil. The new Spicy Cabecou even gets the extra step of being marinated in Jalapeño olive oil and crushed chilies to give a spicy kick.

To learn more about the Marinated Cabecou, including usage and recipe tips, watch my full interview with Elyzabeth at the top of the page.

Laura Chenel