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Laura Chenel's and Marin French Cheese's B.J. Frank Discusses Limited-Edition Holiday Lines

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

One of the year's busiest seasons is almost upon us, and while some of us are trying not to think about the craziness of the upcoming holidays, Marin French Cheese and Laura Chenel's are staying on top of retailer and consumer needs by launching limited-edition holiday items under both brands.

I spoke with B.J. Frank, Regional Sales Manager for Marin French Cheese and Laura Chenel's, to find out more about these exclusive items—and to get some holiday gift and hosting ideas before it’s too late.

B.J. Frank, Regional Sales Manager, Marin French & Laura Chenel“We’re launching and introducing our limited-edition holiday items for both Laura and Marin. For Laura, we’re highlighting a cranberry and cinnamon medallion. It’s an additional, amazing flavor to our line of 3.5-ounce medallions that we launched last year,” B.J. told me. “We are also featuring our truffle cabecou; it has truffle oil and black summer truffles.”

Order Laura Chenel's newest holiday item, Cranberry and Cinnamon Goat Brie, before the end of August

Talk about yum! With these in the cheese case, the holidays are sure to be a breeze for retailers and shoppers alike.

In addition to the new Laura Chenel's items, Marin French Cheese is launching a traditional brie cheese wrapped in a pastry crust. The Brie en Croute is the fruition of the company’s partnership with a bakery in San Francisco. I can already tell I’ll be tapping into the deliciousness of this product as the weather turns chilly and get-togethers are a-plenty.

The Brie en Croute is the fruition of the company’s partnership with a bakery in San Francisco

“Both limited-edition holiday items will need to be pre-ordered by the end of August and will be available in mid-October until the end of the year,” B.J. continued.

For more details on the delicious products coming out of Laura Chenel’s and Marin French Cheese’s kitchens, watch our exclusive video above.

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